Pet Services

We are here to serve You!

Always There Concierge offers a variety of pet playtime and boarding services. If you are interested in signing up, please contact us.

Pet Boarding and Visitation Services


Dogs $17.00 / Cats $15.00
Includes walking the dog, feedings-as directed, administer medication as directed. Replenish water, clean cat box / waste clean-up, playtime and healthy snack. Includes client update.


Monday-Friday 11am-2pm
All services listed under playtime visit.
- 15+ visits per month $14.00 per visit
- 1-14 visits per month $15.50 per visit


$25.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum and 1/4 increments thereafter
Always There Concierge will take your pet to and from your desired locations (vet, groomer, work etc).


1 dog: $50.00 for 24 hours + $12.5 each added 6 hour increment
2 dogs: $80.00 for 24 hours + $20.00 each added 6 hour increment

Your pet will stay with my family and our friendly dog. S/he will have lots of play time and plenty of fresh air. This service is based on availability so call early to reserve your spot.

Miscellaneous Fees
Always There Concierge
  • Key pickup/return fee $10.00
  • Holiday surcharge (per day) $25.00
  • Supply restocking run (reimbursement for supplies also applies) $25.00
  • Visits outside normal pet sitting hours (7 a.m.- 10 p.m.) visit + ½
  • Visits outside an 8 mile radius of our home base visit + $1.00 per mile

Please note:
Additional fees may apply for more than one dog. Holiday surcharge of $25.00 per day. Playtime visits include transportation to and from your home in the Always There Concierge service area (Aurora, Naperville, Plainfield, Oswego). Additional fees may apply outside of our service area. Rates subject to change without notice.

Boarding Services: All services that occur over a major holiday will require at least a 3 night minimum. A $15.00 fee will be added to pick up or drop off dogs to or from your home to mine.