Bathroom Cleaning

We offer regular and deep-cleaning services for your bathroom.

Regular Cleaning Bathrooms

  • Tub and shower scrubbed & rinsed
  • Glass shower door cleaned
  • Toilet disinfected
  • Faucets cleaned and shined
  • Towels hung or folded
  • countertops cleaned (all items removed and replaced)
  • cabinets spot cleaned
  • sinks scrubbed
  • baseboards hand-wiped
  • floors hand cleaned
  • trash emptied
  • cob webs removed
  • walls spot cleaned
  • mirrors cleaned
  • light fixtures dusted
  • blinds dusted
  • hand wash soap and toothbrush holders
  • light and outlet switches wiped


1st time deep clean Bathrooms

  • light fixtures hand wiped
  • extra attention to showers & bathtubs
  • cabinets hand wiped
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