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Why all cleaning companies are not created equal

Why all cleaning companies are not created equal and how to choose the right one for you.

Did you ever wonder why your neighbor boasts about their house cleaning gal and when you hire her, she was not that great at cleaning your house?  Did you ever find that perfect team of cleaners who knew exactly what you wanted done and then a few months later, a different team is sent to your home because the original team is no longer available?  Do you ever call different companies/cleaning people to get quotes to clean your home but the quotes you are getting range from a few dollars to maybe a hundred dollars difference?  It’s because not all cleaning companies or cleaning people are created equal.  Who do you choose and why? 

Most likely price is going to be your main concern.  After all, this is a luxury expense that most people could do on their own but in this day and age, dual income households-young families, there just isn’t enough time.  So, if your first consideration is cost, there are so many factors that go into the different quotes that you receive.

  1. Is this quote from a single cleaner who does all the work themselves?
  2. Is this quote from a franchise that has a lot of overhead to cover?
  3. Is this quote from a small business who hires cleaners to help with the labor?

There are plusses and minuses to choosing from different types of companies.

  1. Single cleaners can be great and their price is probably on the lower end of the scale especially if they are just starting out and need clients.  They will probably use your cleaning supplies and equipment to keep their costs down. This may be a great choice for you but be aware.  Do they have insurance?  What if they break something valuable in your home?  Will they pay for it or will you cover that damage?  What if they are not professionally trained and use the wrong product on your travertine tile or marble tile?  What happens if they get hurt, either in your home or someplace else?  Do you have homeowners insurance to cover medical payments or do they have a back up emergency plan to continue having your home cleaned when they are no longer able to clean due to injury?  What if their car breaks down on the way to your home and you were expecting a clean home for a party you were having the next day?  This is a great option for people on a tight budget.  Finding a great single cleaner is tough but doable.
  2. Franchises can be quite expensive to hire but they have done their homework.  They are usually professionally trained and follow a system.  They are almost always insured and offer guarantees for their service. They typically use their own supplies and drive company wrapped vehicles.   This may be a great option for the discerning client who doesn’t mind paying a premium for their house cleaning.
  3. Small business can be hit or miss.  Most of these types of businesses started out as an independent cleaner who grew to the point of hiring help so they could grow. Their prices are between that of a single cleaner and a franchise.  They may or may not be professionally trained.  They may or may not bring their own supplies.  They may or may not be insured.  They may or may not even be US citizens.  You should be able to find a good company to service your home but you may have to go through a lot of trial and error before finding them.  It’s very important to ask questions.

Remember that housecleaners are human; they are not robots.  They make mistakes just like anyone else and sometimes they miss a spot.  It doesn’t mean they are bad cleaners. Please remember that house cleaning is a labor intensive job.  It requires you to be on your feet and sometimes hands and knees for many hours a day. It requires the handling of most things in your home and the patience and knowledge to clean them the correct way, all while trying to not miss anything. As you can see, there are many factors that go into choosing the right cleaning company for your home.  Your home is most likely your largest asset.  You should not trust it to just anyone.  Do your homework.  Ask questions.  Referrals are great but not everyone can agree on what a clean house is.  Your neighbor might just be relieved that her bathrooms and kitchen are clean whereas you may be more concerned with the baseboards and blinds. Just as no two houses are alike, no two homeowners are alike.  Be specific in what you are asking of your cleaners. Most are willing to listen and are more than happy to oblige.

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