About Our Company

Founded in 2004 by Holly Rodgers, as a concierge company specializing in building relationships with clients and their families by helping them with tasks and projects they didn’t have time to get to between jobs, family, friends and activities.

We specialize in pet sitting, house cleaning and personal assistant services.


Meet Holly Rodgers: Always There Housekeeping

Describe what your company does.  Always There Housekeeping efficiently and affordably gives families back their free time so they can spend it doing the things they love. We offer scheduled and a la carte housecleaning services as well as a variety of pet sitting services. All of our housekeepers are insured and bonded. We use our own supplies, most of which are ‘green’, and we use a state of the art-triple-filtered HEPA vacuum. Our pet sitting services include playtime visits, vacation services, dog boarding, and pet taxi services. 

Why all cleaning companies are not created equal

Why all cleaning companies are not created equal and how to choose the right one for you. Did you ever wonder why your neighbor boasts about their house cleaning gal and when you hire her, she was not that great at cleaning your house?  Did you ever find that perfect team of cleaners who knew exactly what you wanted done and then a few months later, a different team is sent to your home because the original team is no longer available?  Do you ever call different companies/cleaning people to get quotes to clean your home but the quotes you are getting range from a few dollars to maybe a hundred dollars difference?  It’s because not all cleaning companies or cleaning people are created equal.  Who do you choose and why?